I came across one of the coolest articles on NJ.com about a sea monster trying to escape Philadelphia.

The giant tentacles are coming out of an old building in the Navy Yard, and it's not some crazy experiment gone wrong. It was actually placed there on purpose by Group X and the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Not only do I think this is creative and genius, but I also love the name they gave it. The giant inflatable tentacle sculpture is known as "Sea Monsters HERE."

Group X describe themselves as "an anonymous group of local artists, curators, and organizers" and as "the next generation of arts leaders in Philadelphia." They partnered with the Philadelphia Navy Yard and brought on two other artists, Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas, to help create this awesome display.

It even looks cool and creepy at night.

I have a feeling that this might be just the beginning of amazing art experiences in Philadelphia by Group X. I noticed "Phase One: 10/8" was written their Instagram bio. October 7th/8th was date of this art installation. So I'm thinking there will be more coming soon from Group X and I already am looking forward to seeing what they have planned next!

You can see more photos and you can learn more about the Philly sea monster here in the official press release.

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