I have a confession: I have a massive crush on CNN's Wolf Blitzer. Carrying this weird secret around has weighed on me emotionally for years. I know it's weird, but I wanted to get this off my chest.

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Yes, I know that the world of TV news is full of male anchors who are much more conventionally attractive. So you may wonder why I'm not crushing on the guy who is known as a true silver fox of television news like Anderson Cooper. Plus, ABC's David Muir is hot too. And have you seen Gio Benitez? So, yes, that's why I fully understand that this is a little weird.

But I'd choose Wolf Blitzer to join me in a Situation Room any day. At 72 years old, he's certainly an older gentleman. And, before you ask: I don't usually have a "daddy complex" like most of my fellow gays.

I find his presence and experience comforting. Wolf has been in my bedroom (via the TV) to call every election since I first voted in college. He's has been on camera following tragic events like mass shootings or terror attacks. His voice is in my ears and his beard is on my mind on those days that I am glued to the TV screen.

In fact, when Wolf Blitzer is covering a story, I know that we'll be OK on the other side.

And let's face it... this has been a stressful couple of weeks (for all of us). Wolf's command of the news reminds me that brighter days are ahead (no matter what).

And to be honest: I’d choose Wolf Blitzer over some of the more conventionally attractive men of TV news. He doesn't have the chiseled abs of Gio Benitz, but let's face it with abs like those, Gio isn't going to ever notice me.

So I stand a better chance with Wolf. I've found that when you go for a guy who is a 5 (on a 1-10 scale) vs a guy who is a 10... he's a better lover.

Yes, I know Wolf isn't gay, and he is happily married. So I'm NOT actually chasing him.

But, Wolf, I hope you get a chance to rest soon. If my stalking habits (TV viewing habits) are right, you've worked a TON this week. Please take some time off to relax so you stay looking that good for years to come.

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