EWING — Township police busted a Friday night shindig that packed more than 40 people into a small apartment for what the organizer billed as a "Corona Party."

The Concord Avenue tenant, Wade E. Jackson, 54, became the latest "knucklehead" — as Gov. Phil Murphy has taken to calling them — to be named and shamed by authorities on charges of violating the governor's stay-at-home order amid a deadly pandemic.

Jackson was charged with obstruction and violating an emergency law. He was given a court summons.

The Mercer County Prosecutor's Office said 47 people, including a DJ, were packed into a 550-square-foot one-bedroom apartment.

Police were called on a noise complaint. They said they saw music speakers, alcohol and smelled marijuana.

The revelers were not charged with any crimes or violations, a decision that prosecutors praised.

"The goal was to break up the party and send everyone home," Prosecutor Angelo Onofri said. "Based on safety and resources, police made the right call to only issue citations to the host."

Mercer County on Saturday had 158 known cases of COVID-19.



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