We are deep into spooky season and it is only right to celebrate with some spooky drinks. Trick or treating is for the young ones. The way we adults celebrate the Halloween season is by indulging in our grown-up beverages.

There are tons of restaurants and bars in the area that are coming out with their own concoctions in light of the Halloween season. I have seen it all from "the witches brew" to the "Frankenlime Fizz" all the way to the "Professor's poisoned apple."

But of everything that I have seen or tried, there is one Halloween-themed drink that takes the cake. Whenever you are in the central jersey area be sure to stop by Barca City Cafe and Bar one night. They have a seasonal drink called "Killing Me Slowly" that is to die for....pun intended.

Imagine this:  Malabar rum, Kraken black spiced rum, agave, lime juice, sour mix, egg white frost, caramelized walnuts and pistachios. According to My Central Jersey, this spooky drink is only $9 and is true to its name. It's a drink you're supposed to sip slowly until it hits you all at once and takes you out. If you plan on drinking this drink, make sure you have a ride home.

"It’s addictive and keeps you going for more until you're buzzed. It’s like a good poison," said owner Gus Sleiman, according to My Central Jersey. "I thought of sipping it slowly since it's full of flavor."

And poison is definitely the right word. I tried it last weekend while in the area with a friend, and let's just say neither of us was able to drive home that night.

The drink will actually be available past Halloween and all the way until Thanksgiving. The restaurant is located at 47 Easton Ave., New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Happy Halloween!


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