We've all been there, feeling the pressure to buy something when we have zero true interest in the product being offered to us.

A hilariously relatable TikTok has gone viral for revealing the most awkward, yet universal, experience at the farmers' market.

The video shows a couple walking through their local farmers' market as they politely feign interest in various booths in an attempt to not hurts sellers' feelings. As they pass by different booths, they greet vendors and exclaim things such as, "How cute, oh my God!" and "We'll circle back, we'll come back."

Watch below:

As of publishing, the viral video has racked up 88,000 likes and 780,000 views.

People had plenty to say in the comments section, with many relating to the experience of feeling guilt for not buying anything from or checking out a certain stall at their local farmers' market or other shopping center.

"Me knowing good and well I ain’t circling back for a screen printed tea towel [that reads] 'hey Alexa wash the dishes,'" one user joked.

"I went and tried a sample and overreacted a bit to be nice and [the vendor] said 'see that reaction is out of pocket,'" another admitted.

"Saying 'we'll circle back' loud enough for them to hear is a must," another viewer shared.

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Meanwhile, one user pointed out how they will often make a pity purchase due to feeling awkward about not buying anything.

"I can’t go to the farmers' market anymore because I buy something from everyone so no one gets hurt feelings. It’s so expensive," they wrote.

Another user pointed out the universal experience of taking a business card from each stall just to feign interest in their wares.

"And you have to take a business card from the booths you visit but don’t buy from," they shared.

One person put it best when they simply commented: "I have never had an original experience."

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