BTS' Jungkook is just like us: He's obsessed with the paranormal!

The performer went live on Sunday (June 4) and shared he went ghost hunting in his own apartment.

"Before moving in here [his apartment], I wanted to meet a ghost so bad. I wanted to meet a real ghost. So around 2AM, I turned off the lights, and I used that thing that the ghost hunters use. I sat here in the living room and waited," Jungkook explained in the livestream, according to a fan translation on Twitter.

He explained that he used a tool ghost hunters use to detect frequencies that supposedly reveal ghosts.

Sadly, his efforts to befriend a ghost were unsuccessful.

"I sat there and waited for the sound... I'm waiting... and there was no sound," he concluded, laughing after demonstrating how he waited quietly and patiently for a ghost to show up.

"I was curious. I even had a real sketchbook, but I couldn't hear anything. I even carried it around the corners of the room and went with it to the bathroom, but I didn't hear anything. So I gave up on meeting a ghost," Jungkook added.

The Korean music star also said that he wants to know more about the life stories of ghosts.

"I've seen a ghost in the [shared BTS] dorm before! So I wanted to ask them how old they are, what happened to them, and communicate with them! And become friends with them; I was curious. I still am!" he shared.

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The story was sparked by a fan's comment in the real-time comments section of the livestream, which jokingly read, "Who's behind you?"

"Stop it! So what if there's a ghost?" Jungkook replied lightheartedly.

"I'm laughing so hard because I thought Jungkook says 'stop with the 'who's behind you' comments' because it's kinda scary, but it's just him saying that so he doesn't get his hopes up when he gets out the ghost hunting gear and finds nothing again," one fan tweeted.

Another fan joked, "'He’s just like me,' I said for the 100th time while watching a Jungkook live."

Another ARMY jokingly compared Jungkook to a member of BuzzFeed Unsolved.

Meanwhile, other fans joked about how BTS' old shared dorm was allegedly haunted, which Jungkook supposedly talked about in an old interview, according to a fan's translation on Twitter.

"I was alone and in the shower when I saw a really pale ankle between my legs. The ankle disappeared by walking toward a room. I saw it go into the house from the front door by the shoe rack," Jungkook apparently revealed.

"But I didn’t hear anyone after that… I actually thought it was Suga because of the pale skin tone. When I got done washing my hair, I went to say hi to him, but no one was in the room. There was no one else in the dorm except me," he reportedly continued.

"IS THIS WHY THEIR DORM IS HAUNTED," one fan questioned after learning about Jungkook's apparent affinity for ghosts.

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