A man on Reddit says his fiancée "ruined" their romantic engagement dinner due to her obsession with her dog.

"I proposed recently to my girlfriend. We are planning the wedding to happen next year. My fiancée has a 5-year-old golden retriever mix. I had a few bad experiences with dogs as a kid. Her dog is very friendly and he gets all the attention from my fiancée," he began his post.

The man explained that his fiancée is so obsessed with her dog that she has even declined job offers that won't let her work from home. "I work from home 3 days a week and she only texts asking how the dog is," he shared.

When the man recently booked a "very nice trip" to celebrate their engagement, his fiancée struggled to focus on anything but the dog.

"I booked a nice hotel and made reservations at a nice restaurant. One of our close friends stayed with the dog. My fiancée asked her to text with an update every two hours. I did my best to make it a wonderful weekend," he wrote.

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"We had reservations for 7PM at the restaurant. My fiancée didn't get ready until 6:40 as she hadn't heard from the sitter. When we arrived at the restaurant, we had to wait 30 minutes for a table to open.When we sat down, my fiancée spent the entire dinner on her phone trying to get ahold of the friend," the frustrated man continued.

Fed up with his fiancée's constant worrying about her dog, the man paid for the meal and left.

"She came out 20 minutes later screaming at me for leaving her at the table alone. I yelled back that she ruined our engagement trip by putting the dog over us. We sat in silence all the way home and she's thinking about going to stay with her parents," he concluded.

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Users tried to comfort the man in the comments section, with many suggesting he consider ending the relationship.

"Call off the engagement ... she's already married to the dog," one person wrote.

"This is only a preview of what having kids with this woman will be like — helicopter mom to the extreme. Hard pass," another commented.

"She does care about the dog a lot but to the point where she is rejecting jobs and texting every two hours is too much. Y'all aren't compatible. Get your ring back and move on," someone else shared.

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