A woman on Reddit was confused after her friend accused her of flaunting her wealth when she decided to enjoy a well-earned day off at the spa.

"She said that I was rubbing my wealth in her face while she is going through a difficult time. She has had some issues with repairs to her home as well as relationship issues for the past few months. Her dog also had to go to the vet and is sick and her bank account is now negative," she wrote.

"For context, there is ALWAYS something wrong in her life. It is always one crisis after another and most of the time she could have avoided the crisis by taking some action beforehand like getting a home inspection or not going to a music festival and paying for a repair instead," the woman continued on Reddit.

While she sympathizes with her friend, the woman works "60+ hour weeks" and hasn't taken a day off for herself in years.

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"This was the first time I was proactively taking a day off to try and reset my mental health instead of always doing things for other people. It wasn’t rubbing my wealth in her face, I was excited to be able to do something for myself after years of neglecting my mental health," she shared.

"Also, it feels like she’s begrudging me for my financial stability. We both grew up poor but I went on to pay my way through a masters and PHD program and as of a year ago I’m finally making a good income. I paid my own way and worked the whole time and haven’t done anything for myself in years. I never begrudge her for going to $500 concerts while I was studying or going to Puerto Rico when I couldn’t afford it," she explained.

The woman added her friend only works "when she wants to" and lives paycheck to paycheck.

"I have bought her groceries and sent money and her parents have also had to bail her out even though they don’t have much themselves. I’m tired of not being able to talk to her about my life because even the most basic things (me getting a Starbucks) are called a 'privilege' and I feel bad even saying I went out for a coffee," she added.

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Users in the comments section applauded the woman's success and blasted her friend's audacity.

"She sounds like an entitled, emotionally draining person. I wouldn't want to be friends with someone with the gumption to actually get offended that I took my first day off in forever. You're not allowed to be any happier than she is? What's that?" one person wrote.

"I heard the term 'emotional vampire.' That's what she is," another chimed in.

"People outgrow friendships, too. It's unfortunate, but it happens. When people start in the same place, one grows in life and the other stays in the same place, the dynamic changes. There's two options, celebrate the growth and changes together or don't. One of those ensures a friendship survives," someone else commented.

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