A woman on Reddit is planning to report a co-worker who refuses to take their mandated lunch break. 

"So, to make this as short and concise as possible, I have a co-worker, Bea, who never takes a full break at work. We pull 10-hour shifts, and she makes nearly every shift she works an 11-12 hour shift and refuses to take her required break because 'there’s something else she can be doing,'" the woman began.

"She might stop for five minutes to eat a piece of bread or something, but she never sits down and takes her full break (most I’ve ever seen her take is 20 minutes) and I rarely see her actually eat a meal or even a substantial snack. Another co-worker, Hailey, has told me she has witnessed the same behavior from Bea and it stresses her out just as much as it stresses me out," she continued.

The woman noted she does not want the co-worker to get burned out, and she's also tired of hearing her complain about being tired and hungry.

"The assistant manager has been present for many of these shifts and is aware of these issues, but has done absolutely nothing and has essentially taken on the 'not my monkeys, not my circus' attitude. Hailey has begun to stop caring, because she doesn’t have the time or space in her life to stress about somebody else at work. Neither do I, but my concern is making me consider telling our manager, who I know would actually address the situation rather than ignoring it like our assistant manager," she concluded.

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In the comments section, users told the woman to mind her own business.

"If what she does won’t affect your life directly, then you should not report her," one person wrote.

"Why does it stress you out? This situation doesn’t impact you whatsoever. You're worrying to much about what other people are doing, just mind your business and you will have a happier life," another shared.

"Good grief. Mind your own business," someone else advised.

"Leave her alone," another simply stated.

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