One thing that can definitely be said about New Jersey: There are so many prominent, picturesque landmarks all over the state. From the cities to the shore. From the mountains to the marshes. From Aberdeen to Wyckoff. And everywhere in between.

I love New Jersey trivia. And decided to create this little "Pop Quiz" about landmarks around the Garden State. Can you identify ten natural and manmade sights around the state, by looking at a top-down image from Google Earth?

Some helpful hints before you start guessing

1.) As you scroll down, for each of the 10 locations, first you'll see a Google Earth image, then a helpful hint, then the answer.

2.) North is always at the top of the Google Earth image.

3.) I pasted a red arrow on some images, denoting a specific part that needs to be identified.

4.) Don't forget to look for clues around the specified landmark: Waterways, highways, other buildings, etc.

5.) Bonus points for naming the town each landmark is in too.

Good luck!

POP QUIZ: Can you guess these NJ landmarks from Google Earth images?

Gallery Credit: Dan Zarrow

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