New Jersey Transit Police officers have their hands full, that's for sure. With an uptick in crime against transit workers, it's a job that has become increasingly more dangerous.

That plus transit officers have to be able to act immediately and come to the aid of travelers and commuters who need help, they are the first line of defense.

(Photo: NJ Transit Police Facebook Page)
(Photo: NJ Transit Police Facebook Page)

Recently, two New Jersey officers had to put their training to the test. Earlier this year, NJ Transit Officers Nikolas DePasquale and Kevin O'Brien responded to an unresponsive woman lying face down on the stairs inside of the Linden train station.

They started to perform CPR when they realized she was not breathing and had no pulse.

They waited until EMS arrived, by that time she had a faint pulse and was taken to the hospital.

As of right now, her condition is not known.

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