🚗 An electronic lien and title system has launched in NJ

🚗 Lienholders can now ditch the paper titles

🚗 The new system will help speed up the processing

TRENTON — The pilot program is complete and successful.

Now, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is launching an Electronic Lien and Title system.

What is the ELT system?

The new system allows lienholders financing vehicles in New Jersey to exchange lien and title information electronically with the NJMVC. This will eliminate the need for the manual processing and maintenance of paper titles.

Lending institutions can now complete lien transactions in a secure, digital manner that will reduce the handling, printing, storage, and mailing costs associated with paper titles. The ELT system speeds up the lien release process.

“We’re excited to announce the availability of ELT in New Jersey. The system has huge advantages when it comes to processing liens and titles. It’s a win all around and a big step forward in our continued efforts to modernize and improve the Commission,” said NJMVC Acting Chief Administrator Latrecia Littles-Floyd.

NJ MVC / NJ License Plates
NJ MVC vehicle (Rick Rickman, Townsquare Media NJ) via Canva

Notable Benefits of ELT

Improved document security and a reduction of fraud risk – Electronic transactions are processed quickly and securely, minimizing paperwork, and physical transit, which reduces the risk of possible document manipulation.

Quicker processing of liens and titles – This benefits all parties involved with the sale or use of vehicles such as NJMVC customers, financial institutions, car dealers, insurance carriers, fleet managers, and more.

Various cost and time savings for all parties involved – This is particularly for those created due to reductions in printing needs, physical document storage, and manual shipment and delivery of paperwork.

Improved, simplified processing within NJMVC agencies – This will make the customer experience better and allow NJMVC staff to complete transactions with greater speed and efficiency.

The ELT pilot program was first launched in January 2024. Since then, the NJMVC has been working with various banks and lenders to test and refine the system.
For more information, please visit NJMVC.gov.

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