🔴 NJ man gets prison sentence for setting deadly fire last year

🔴 A 22-year-old man was killed and a relative hurt in the apartment complex blaze

🔴 Prosecutors have said motive was a romantic rivalry, in the convicted killer’s view

A 23-year-old Burlington Township man will spend nearly the next half of his life in prison, serving time for setting a deadly fire last year.

Newlin Evans IV was sentenced Monday to 22 years in state prison for the April 2022 apartment complex blaze that killed 22-year-old Camryn Powell.

Powell had a baby with a woman that Evans had dated, as previously reported.

Deadly Pemberton fire (Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

Evans pleaded guilty to first-degree aggravated manslaughter back in late January.

He must serve 85% of the sentence — or just under 19 years — before becoming eligible for parole.

Camryn Powell in a photo shared by his girlfriend in April 2022.
Camryn Powell in a photo shared by his girlfriend in April 2022.

Investigators said that Evans cut a window screen from a ground floor apartment, broke the window and threw material soaked in gasoline that he had lit on fire into the unit.

The blaze killed Powell, while also badly burning his 62-year-old father, according to 6ABC Action News.

Evans also suffered burns — though he fled the scene he was taken to Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia for treatment.

He was arrested a month later in May 2022.

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