With 4/20 coming up this week, Lawn Starter ranked the best and worst cities for getting stoned.

They compared over 100 of the biggest U.S. cities (where adult recreational marijuana use is legal) based on 17 metrics, such as access to top-rated dispensaries, consumption lounges, bud and breakfasts, and munchie relievers.

They assigned a weight to each factor based on its importance and grouped those factors into six categories: Access, Consumer Satisfaction, Convenience, Lounging, Entertainment, and Munchie Relief.

Photo by Grav on Unsplash
Photo by Grav on Unsplash

Given all that, how did New Jersey do? It turns out not well: the highest a Garden State city was ranked was #92 (Jersey City); Paterson came in at 101, and Newark was 105 (last). You could say they got smoked by the competition.

Newark’s overall score was 1.825 (for comparison, San Francisco, the top ranked city, had a score of 59.774) and fared particularly poorly in access to dispensaries and munchie relief, with a shortage of fast food options.

green marijuana in hand
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For customer satisfaction rank, the three New Jersey Cities were tied at #69, so apparently the people who can get legal weed aren’t that happy about it. The three have comparable scores in lounging and convenience, but Jersey City was a little better for entertainment, and a LOT better for munchie relief (ranking #9).

If you’re planning a trip, Lawn Starter says these are the best US cities for getting stoned: as mentioned, San Francisco was #1, followed by Los Angeles, Denver, Santa Ana (CA), and Las Vegas.

Some of the places for stoners to avoid are the three New Jersey cities, Bridgeport, CT, Joliet and Rockford, IL.

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