We all have our ole' reliable go-to spots for some good eating that we hold near and dear to our hearts. That's especially true for all the folks here in the Garden State.

Go anywhere in the country you'd like and ask the Jersey transplants what they miss most about the Garden State and they'll always tell you it's the food. What can I say? We know what your taste buds want.

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Obviously, we're known for things like our pizza, our hoagies (subs), and our pork roll here in the Garden State. Where's the one place where you can order all of that and more? Of course, it's one of Jersey's wonderful diners. Diners are a part of New Jersey's way of life. We all have our favorite one. There's something so comforting about going to your favorite local spot and ordering your go-to meal that you already know is going to be delicious. It hits the spot!

That's why it's always a bummer to hear about one closing its doors.

This time, we're saying goodbye to the Gateway Diner that's become a staple in the community of Westville in Gloucester County. Gateway's been in business for 32 years. After Sunday, October 22nd, the diner will close its doors one final time.

The news first broke on 42Freeway.com after the owners shared a post announcing the news on Facebook. Apparently, they're being forced to close due to work being done on the Route 47 bridge. They say that eminent domain laws were used to force them to close. It seems like they really weren't given much of a choice.

I've eaten at Gateway Diner quite a few times over the years and can say that if you've ever gotten out that way to try them out, they've got great food at an extremely affordable price. Sad to hear this news.

Source: 42Freeway.com

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