You gather your purchases during your mid-morning Wawa stop, and carry them up to the counter.

Since your so savvy, you use the self-checkout and scan the items yourself.

What happens next?


Are you doing this nice thing at Wawa?

If you go to a cashier, you might not have the option, but if you self-check-out you always have the option. The option to "round-up" and donate to one of Wawa's local charities.

Do you do it? Do you do it every time or just some time?


Apparently, more than half of us are saying "Yes" and rounding up. Good for you!

A survey by found that 53% of Americans are giving to charity at the checkout. This goes for all stores nationwide, include Wawa.

Nationwide, it's estimated check-out-charity campaigns bring in over $750 Million each year.

That's a lot of rounding up!

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Wawa customers are helping

We couldn't find any reveal of how much Wawa customers donate each year, but Wawa says, "We are proud to say that 100% of donated funds go to the organizations for which we collect."

On their website, Wawa has a place to learn more about their charity involvement - and a place where charities can apply for Wawa's cooperation. Find out more here.

Photo by A n v e s h on Unsplash

Who benefits from your donation - besides the charity?

So, who gets the tax deduction for the big charitable donation?

Presumably, not Wawa. According to, retailers cannot claim your donation as income, and they can't claim the charitable contribution as an expense.

You can probably claim your donations at the register. You would need to collect a lot of receipts throughout the year, and make sure you knew specifically which charity was benefiting from which donation.

Please note, I'm not a tax advisor:).

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