Okay, these videos will either make you smile, or you may need to grab the tissues!

First up is a video of a 53 year old man named Matt Cobrink with down syndrome reuniting with his 88 year old father in the airport. It's the most beautiful reunion! The best part is, they only spent a week apart! It was, the first week they've spent apart in 25 years, but still! It's so wonderful to see the love between the two of them! Adults and children with special needs and disabilities are people who are very close to my heart because I have a cousin with special needs and she is the most amazing person on this planet who loves me with all her heart and soul. The way Matt hugged his father is tyhe way hugs me every time she sees me! Matt was with his sister in New York City and he got to meet Aaron Judge while he was there!

Next up is a video of a 10 year old girl on her Birthday. She has been living in foster care for three years. She had been living with a couple from Georgia, Paige & Daniel Zezulka and they had been trying to adopt her. Well, the paperwork got finalized just in time for this little girl's birthday. So watch as she opens her present and inside a picture frame is a paper saying they're adopting her. (I'm crying just writing this!) But it's not done yet. This little girl also has two siblings in foster care, and yes you guessed it, they're adopting them too. Adoption is a beautiful thing! There are so many kids that need good homes and I fully support it! My fiance and I have even talked about adopting some day. (I know, I know, get through the wedding first! Haha) Well, grab the tissues and enjoy this beautiful video!

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