Five suspects have been arrested and charged in the case of Lady Gaga's French bulldogs. The pop star's dogs were stolen during a violent altercation in February, an incident in which her assistant, who was walking the pups at the time, was gunned down.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles police have released the names and ages of the five suspects: James Jackson, 18; Jaylin White, 19; Lafayette Whaley, 27; Harold White, 40; and Jennifer McBride, 50.

Jackson, Whaley, and Jaylin White were allegedly involved in the shooting and robbery, while McBride and Harold White were accused of being accessories after the crime took place. The case was presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office on Thursday (April 29).

Gaga's bulldogs were abducted on the night of February 24 while the Grammy-winning singer's assistant, Ryan Fischer, was walking the dogs on North Sierra Bonita Avenue. The shooting occurred at around 9:40 PM PST. Fischer survived the attack, but ended up in the hospital. Gaga offered a half-million dollar reward for her dogs' return.

The unharmed dogs were delivered back Gaga by the police. Earlier, the police had recovered the pets from a woman who handed them over at the station. That woman is reportedly one of the suspects under arrest.

Interestingly, the detectives investigating the case do not believe the robbers targeted Fischer because of his connection to Gaga. Rather, they were after the French bulldogs because their pedigree makes them worth a lot of money. The LAPD said in a press release, "Evidence suggests the suspects knew the great value of the breed of dogs and was the motivation for the robbery."

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