Pixar loves to expand the worlds of their movies in shorts. Just about four months after their latest featured, Soul, premiered on Disney+ it’s getting a short film prequel on the streaming service as well.

Titled “22 vs. Earth,” the short is billed as the backstory behind new soul 22’s grudge against our planet and becoming a person. It stars Tina Fey, reprising her role as the voice of 22. The first image from the short, which premieres at the end of the month, is above. Here’s how the press release describes the plot:

In the short, 22 defies the rules of The Great Before and refuses to go to Earth, enlisting a gang of five other new souls in her attempt at rebellion. However, as her cohorts' activities lead to unexpected results, 22’s subversive plot may actually lead to a surprising revelation about the meaning of life.

The short is directed by Pixar veteran Kevin Nolting, who previously worked in the editing department at the animation studio, contributing to features like Finding NemoCarsWall-E, and Toy Story 4. He explained that this material — “the why of a new soul not wanting to live on Earth” — was originally developed for Soul, but the filmmakers ultimately decided it wasn’t needed in the actual film. Instead, Pixar decided to turn it into this short.

“22 vs. Earth” premieres on Disney+ on April 30. And Soul is currently available on Disney+ as well.

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