Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York City on Friday (November 2). The actor reportedly punched someone in the West Village.

The dispute allegedly began over a parking spot, according to several reports. There aren't too many details about the dispute at this point. However, USA Today reports "the other guy swooped into a space Baldwin was preparing to park in himself."

This isn't Baldwin's first famous arrest. Back in 2014, Baldwin was arrested for disorderly conduct. In the 1990s he was acquitted of battery charges involving a photographer.

Baldwin, of course, has made headlines in recent years for his impersonation of Donald Trump on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

Shortly after the news of Baldwin's arrest broke today, a report actually asked the president about the arrest.

"I wish him luck," Trump said.

The last we heard the 60-year-old actor was still being processed at a police precinct in the city.

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