A man on Reddit struck a nerve after revealing that he and his now-wife lied about their engagement for five years, telling friends and family that he proposed over a "romantic meal" when, in fact, he popped the big question at his sister's wedding.

While getting engaged is earmarked as one of the most significant milestones in someone's lifetime, so is getting married.

The man's reason for proposing during his sister's destination wedding trip was a heartfelt one — after all, the couple decided to quietly hide their celebration in hopes of not stealing the bride's spotlight.

Sadly, the sister did not see it that way.

The anonymous Redditor shared his side of the story, explaining that his sister had a lavish, fairy tale-like destination wedding five years ago, where he ultimately decided to propose to his then-girlfriend.

At the time,the destination trip was way outside of what he could afford for a separate proposal, so he seized the moment.

"I didn't even plan to do this, but I was caught up in the moment and asked my girlfriend to marry me," the man explained. "She said 'yes,' but we did not say anything to anyone. I did not want to step on any toes."

A few months later, he purchased an engagement ring. "We told everyone that I had proposed after a romantic meal at home, and that was that," he shared.

It was a classic case of being wrapped up in the moment. However, five years later, the couple are now in hot water.

While on a recent family vacation to the same destination, the man's wife accidentally let their secret slip.

"A few months ago, we went on a vacation to the same place my sister got married. We were getting drunk and having fun when my wife told them that I had proposed to her outside this very restaurant all those years ago."

"My sister was p---ed, and she stormed out," he continued. "My wife feels guilty for letting the cat out of the bag. My brother-in-law also feels that it was cheap of me to use his parents' money for a proposal."

"It's been weeks, and my sister is still cold towards us," he continued. "I told her it happened years ago and to just let it go. She said that she is hurt, and that was supposed to be her fabulous wedding."

Opening the floor to people online, the man asked if he should feel guilty or ashamed.

Most commenters on Reddit flooded with comments of encouragement.

"Normally I'd say you're the a--hole, but you didn't do it publicly in front of everyone. You did it privately. Nobody had hurt feelings until now," one user comments.

Others flocked to his side, with another user declaring, "I came in here expecting to say you were in the wrong, but in this case, I think your sister is making too big a deal of this."

"Your sister is acting immature," a third Reddit user poster. "Your secret proposal does not in any way affect her marriage or memories. She's being dramatic and causing hostility for no good reason because no actual harm was done."

Who do you side with? The devastated brother who thought he was doing right by his sister? Or the bride-turned-bridezilla after learning her brother supposedly stole her spotlight?

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