When it comes to engagement rings, does size matter? A company called Shane Co. just researched trends in engagement ring styles and sizes and found that the average ring in New Jersey is 0.96 carats.

Shane Co. found that the states where the largest rings were sold were Hawaii, New York, New Hampshire, Florida, Mississippi, and South Carolina. In all of those states, the average diamond size sold was over 1 carat.

Meanwhile, according to Shane Co., Alaska, Delaware and Maine were the states where the smallest diamond engagement rings were sold. Each of those states averaged .75 carats or less.

By the way, if you were curious, diamonds.pro says that a 1 carat diamond engagement ring costs anywhere between $1,800 and $12,000.

These days, it feels like there are very few things that Americans can agree upon, but according to Shane Co., "at least 1 in 5" people who proposed in the U.S. over the past 5 years did so with an engagement ring with a halo setting.

Shane Co. describes a halo setting as "one center gemstone or diamond in a surrounding bed of smaller diamonds." (The ring worn by Jessica Biel in the picture below is an example of a halo setting).

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According to Shane Co., the halo setting style was most popular in 41 states, including New Jersey,

Shane Co. also says that less than 4% of all engagement rings sold in the U.S. were non-traditional colored stones, although I doubt most women would turn down the 12 carat sapphire engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton.

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To read more about Shane Co.'s findings, click here.

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