There's nothing quite like a summer spent in New Jersey. With so much to do, don't expect to be spending a lot of time indoors.

While the fresh air and sunlight hitting your face is something everybody craves once summer rolls around in the Garden State, there is one aspect of the season that people aren't excited about dealing with. The ticks are back in NJ.

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As soon as that warm weather starts to remain steady, that's when both Jersey residents and vacationers need to start checking for those little nasties. Usually, people only worry about deer ticks in the Garden State. These days, however, there's more than Lyme's Disease from the deer ticks that outdoor lovers have to concern themselves with.

According to, those who plan on spending all their time outside this summer have to be on the lookout for a total of 7 types of ticks.

Out of the 7 ticks to be on the lookout for, 3 are native to New Jersey.

1.) The Deer Tick

This is the most well-known tick on the list. People are usually on the lookout for these because they're known to carry Lyme Disease.

2.) The Wood Tick

It's true name is the American Dog Tick, however, it's commonly referred to as a wood tick and transmits BOTH Rocky Mountain Fever and a disease called Tularemia.

3.) Lone Star Tick

If you've ever heard of a "turkey tick," this is the one they're talking about. This tick carries Tularemia as well as Ehrlichiosis and something called Southern Tick Associated Rash Illness, STARI for short. STARI is a rash that will usually go away on its own, though.

In the event that either you, your child, or a pet is bitten, you're encouraged to not only reach out to your doctor or veterinarian, but you should get a test to determine what kind of tick bit you or your animal and whether or not it was a carrier of anything. You can find out how to acquire a tick testing kit HERE.


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