Well, apparently when I invented Pringleezies no one cared. That’s just taking two Pringles chips and squirting a layer of Easy Cheese in between.

But if you want a real snack invented in New Jersey, there’s a pair of siblings who did just that and investors took notice Friday night on “Shark Tank.”

Allison Lin and Steve Atieh are siblings and together they invented a new snack that you might be seeing a little more of soon. Instead of popcorn, they took away the husk that kids could choke on and the hard bits that can crack a tooth.


Like Air Puffcorn

It’s still made of corn but it’s called puffcorn. Like Air is the name of their company. Like Air Puffcorn is a tasty snack that practically melts in your mouth and never tends to get caught in your teeth.

It’s based on corneal and sunflower oil but comes in a few flavors like American Cheddar, butter and salt, cinnamon bun, and pancake. (You KNOW you’re intrigued by pancake.)


It’s healthy. Healthier than popcorn, they say, and satisfies a range of dietary needs like nut allergies, kosher diets and it’s gluten-free.

Their brother Kevin Atieh joined in the family effort as the CFO and while they’re already doing well they want Like Air Puffcorn to expand and become a household name. So what does anyone these days who has a great idea do? They bring it on ABC’s “Shark Tank” of course.

Their segment aired Friday night and at first it wasn’t looking good. Because they were a company already doing better than most inventors and entrepreneurs who appear on the show there was a suspicion that perhaps the whole thing was for free advertising. They insisted it wasn’t.


They wanted $300,000 to grow the business and give a 3.5% cut in exchange. Investor after investor was shooting them down. Barbara Corcoran said no. Robert Herjavec bowed out. Kevin O'Leary said no and added, “I don't get out of bed for three and a half percent.”

But Lori Greiner negotiated and they got to the point of $300,000 for 10% and the family said only if another shark got on board. Mark Cuban did. The deal was done.

Both sides got some of what they wanted and you should be seeing more of Like Air Puffcorn in stores soon. Congrats to this clever New Jersey family!

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