🚍 Another 1,000 migrants arrived in Secaucus on Wednesday

🚍 Edison & Secaucus mayors say they don't have resources to support migrants

🚍 Gov. Phil Murphy says NYC is supported by feds to handle migrants

Another 23 buses carrying another 1,017 migrants who crossed the U.S. border in Texas arrived in New Jersey on Wednesday, including 11 at the Secaucus train station.

Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli said most of the migrants continued onto New York, which helped alleviate his concerns about their impact on the town's resources.

“I made it very clear to those on the call (with state and county officials) that the Town of Secaucus would not be in a position to shoulder the burden of this situation, and stressed the importance of open communication and cooperation with our County and State partners," Gonnelli, a Democrat, said in a statement.

Edison Mayor Sam Joshi in a new statement said the township does not have the financial or social resources to provide housing, shelter and education to anyone who does not continue onto New York. The Democrat laid the responsibility for immigration at the federal government.

Edison Police Chief Thomas Bryan told New Jersey 101.5 that no buses have arrived since Saturday. A bus arrived at the Edison train station so that the 40 migrants could transfer to a train to New York. But 20 migrants did not return to the bus after the Northeast Corridor train service was suspended.

Bryan said the police do not know where they are.

Murphy: Buses from Texas are a political stunt

Gov. Phil Murphy joined the choir of criticism of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott about his sending busloads of migrants to New York City, calling the action a "political stunt" as opposed to figuring out a solution to the problems at the border.

"This is a time to figure out a solution that's broad and comprehensive and that's consistent with American values of securing our borders, but doing it responsibly and equitably," the governor said.

Speaking with reporters after an unrelated event, Murphy said he considers the current situation with migrants “under control” but that there is a need to reform the U.S. immigration system “ASAP.”

Murphy said the plan is for the migrants to go to New York because they have the federal resources to handle their needs.

"New York City has the federal resources and that's been deemed to be a location and destination,"Murphy said. "We're in constant communication with New York and we will continue to be."

Officials at the Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station Thursday predicted a commuter nightmare even as they laid out contingency plans for an NJ Transit strike. (David Matthau / Townsquare Media)
Officials at the Frank R. Lautenberg Rail Station Thursday predicted a commuter nightmare even as they laid out contingency plans for an NJ Transit strike. (David Matthau / Townsquare Media)

Democrats criticize each other

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, who has taken a more conciliatory tone about the buses, told The Gothamist that his city has been putting up migrants in motels for months but did not disclose details about their arrival. Fulop earlier retweeted Joshi's comments and accused the mayor of looking for a "political sound bite."

Seth Kaper-Dale, pastor of the Reformed Church of Highland Park and a former Green Party candidate for governor,  told CBS New York that most of those on the buses are not in the U.S. illegally and have good reason to stay in the country,

"The fact that a local mayor in the state that has one of the largest immigrant populations in this country was not prepared to more lovingly answer that question is very disturbing," he told CBS New York.

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