New Jersey is known far and wide for its many small, unique, and wonderful little towns but some towns stand out a little more than others.

Just because some of these towns are small though doesn't mean they don't come with some seriously big charm!

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Topped off with quaint downtowns, fantastic restaurants, and unique landmarks, World Atlas released its list of the nine best small towns in Jersey that have the most charm in the entire state!

9. Smithville, NJ

Starting off our adventure, we head to Smithville.

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Known for its historic downtown area you can visit the Smithville Inn which was opened back in 1787.

With great dining, and shopping and located right next to Lake Meone, it's a New Jersey staple.

8. Montclair, NJ

Next, we head to Montclair New Jersey.

Home of Jersey's Wellmont Theatre which is a great place to catch a show. Montclair is also home to Eagle Rock Reservation.

A huge park that gives you amazing views of the New York City skyline.

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Photo by Dale Nibbe on Unsplash

7. Haddonfield, NJ

Number 7 on our list is Haddonfield New Jersey, and no, that's not where to infamous Michael Myers calls home.

Haddonfield is home to the Indian King Tavern Museum, which is where New Jersey's statehood was declared during the Revolutionary War!

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Photo by Chris Chow on Unsplash

It's also home to an excavation site where in 1858 an entire dinosaur skeleton was found.

6. Ocean Grove, NJ

We get a little closer to the ocean with town number 6; Ocean Grove.

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Known for its many Victorian Homes and close location to the shore, Ocean Grove is a gorgeous little town to spend a day in.

5. Princeton, NJ

There's a lot to do in Princeton.

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Photo by Khürt Williams on Unsplash

You can check out the Princeton Record Exchange, there's the Morven Museum and Garden, and you can explore it's beautiful downtown area.

It's also, of course, home to Princeton University if you want to check out some higher education.

4. Spring Lake, NJ

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Back to the shore we go for Jersey's 4th best little town with big charm according to World Atlas.

Spring Lake is home to Jersey's largest non-commercial boardwalk meaning there aren't any shops or amusements just great views of the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean.

You can visit Divine Park, or check out Breakers On The Ocean which is a gorgeous Victorian Era Hotel.

Breakers Hotel Spring Lake Nj, spring lake new jersey
Photo Credit: Google Maps

3. Clinton, NJ

Known for its famous Red Mill on the river, Clinton New Jersey is another great small town to visit in New Jersey.

Spend the day walking around the historic district, or you can check out the Spruce Run Recreation Center; a beautiful lake area perfect for fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

2. Lambertville, NJ

Lambertville is a great place to spend a day, and it's got some serious charm.

With tons of local art galleries and cool restaurants like Lambertville Station which was transformed from a train station to a restaurant Lambertville is a top New Jersey destination.

1. Cape May, NJ

It's no surprise Cape May made the top of World Atlas's list of NJ towns with big charm.

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Photo by rod m on Unsplash

Cape May is regularly voted as the crown jewel of the Jersey Shore from its Victorian Homes you can visit, great beaches, and charming downtown shopping center, it's easy to get swept up in Cape Mays charm.

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