We can all agree that New Jersey is a pretty smart place with intelligent people in every corner of the state, but there is one word we seem to have a lot of trouble spelling.

New Jersey spelling words.
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We all have our strengths. For some of us, it's math, for others it's science. Other Garden State residents excel in the arts or spelling.

We Have Trouble Spelling Certain Words

But evidently, even the best spellers among us have a lot of trouble with one specific word here in New Jersey.

The folks at Unscrambled Words did a little research to determine the word that is the hardest to spell in each state in America.

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

They determined each state's word by discovering the word the residents of each state searched most often.

Which Word Does New Jersey Have The Most Trouble With?

If your first thought was some type of Italian food, that's a good guess, but that's not it. That might have been the answer if we were talking about pronunciation.

It turns out the word that most New Jersey residents needed a little spelling help with was "achieve".

New Jersey spelling words
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Doesn't that surprise you a little? In other states, the words seem a little more challenging. In New York, for instance, it's hors d'oeuvre, and in other states it's conscientious.

New Jersey Is Not The Only State With That Spelling Word On The Top Of The List

At first, we thought we were the only state, but Florida joins us as the second state that needs a little help spelling "achieve".

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