Do people still eat at home in the morning? Do you make breakfast before you head out to work or school? Eggs, fresh fruit, and maybe a bowl of cereal or maybe even a granola bar. Do you make coffee at home? If you still do that? Most of us do not. I know I don't.

We go to our favorite drive-thru for our favorite coffee and our favorite breakfast sandwich. There are so many drive-thru options, but yet we always have our favorite and if we don't start the morning out with our favorite, the day will not be the same.

Go somewhere like Dunkin' and you’ll have your pick a donut, breakfast sandwich, bagels or muffins. From what I hear McDonalds has good coffee, and a good selection of breakfast foods. We have Wawa and QuickChek, but you have to run in, we like a drive-thru, right?


According to Comic Stadium, which ranked 40 American Fast Food restaurants from worst to first, it leaves the restaurant what they rank as the absolute worst fast food restaurant in America. Which restaurant is that? We have 250 locations of this place right here in New Jersey.

I wouldn't think of this place as fast food, but it has a drive-thru and the amount of breakfast sandwiches that are available, makes it considered a fast food place. Just so you know, I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS AT ALL.

What is the absolute worst fast food restaurant in America?

These rankings of the worst fast food restaurant in America, according to comicstadium, it's Starbucks. This is why I didn't think of them as a "fast food restaurant" but they are. They do have those breakfast sandwiches, yogurt parfaits and fruit salads, along with other favorites. At least they do say they're still unmatched in the coffee area.

So, why Starbucks? What does Comic Stadium have against their menu? They think they’re an afterthought next to the coffee menu and said:

These items, suitable for a quick bite, lack the substance and appeal of actual fast food fare.

I guess they're not way off, who goes to Starbucks to eat? Not me, I grab a tea or one of their Strawberry Spritz, and go.

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