You may or may not have seen new information released by the Center for Disease Control regarding a type of fungus that's been impacting US health facilities.

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Before you get nervous and start panicking, just know that you really don't have anything to worry about if you're a healthy individual. What's been on the rise lately in these type of places is a type of yeast fungus known as Candida auris, or C. auris.

What exactly is Candida auris?

While it is classified a yeast infection, it's not that kind of yeast infection. According to the CDC, it can cause serious infection in people within healthcare facilities by entering the bloodstream, among other areas. The severity of the infection will determine the symptoms.

If you're envisioning a skin growth of the some sort, get that thought out of your mind. That's now what this is.

Why are people in healthcare facilities at risk?

The CDC says that those most at risk for this infection are people who are severely medically compromised. If someone is battling multiple healthcare issues and has to use tools like urinary catheters, breathing tubes, or feeding tubes, they're the ones that are seriously at risk. Surveys show that over the last few years, there has been a higher than normal concentration of cases within the Garden State.

chart showcasing cases of Candida auris

How to prevent the spread of C. auris

It's important to always make sure your hands are sanitized when visiting loved ones in these kinds of facilities. Use hand sanitizer or soap and water to ensure your hands are clean.

Read more about Candida auris and how to prevent the spread HERE.

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