Sometimes you just want a place where you can cuddle and share some comfort food and cocktails. These 10 South Jersey restaurants made a list of the coziest places to hang out in the Garden State.


These spots are definitely worth bookmarking, especially during the colder weather months or for rainy days.

Every now and again you need a place to hide out that's not so overwhelming. Somewhere that boasts low lights and warm atmosphere. Other times the space is large but FEELS intimate.

Sure, it's lovely share these cozy spots with someone you love that you can snuggle up against or have a deep convo, but you can take YOURSELF to one, too, for some quality 'Me Time'. You do you!

South Jersey Has Plenty of Cozy Places to Hang Out

Il Villagio Cherry Hill NJ
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Not long ago, put together a long list of the Garden State's coziest places to beat the winter chill. Rightfully so, 10 of their choices are located in South Jersey.

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Agreed, it's a fabulous topic. But why limit these restaurants and bars to a season? They'd all make for a romantic night out during the cold weather months, on Valentine's Day, or any time of year you just feel tucked away.

Where to Find the Coziest Restaurants and Hide Outs in South Jersey

Couple on Cozy Date

Take a look at the 10 South Jersey spots that landed on's list, and feel free to let us know about your favorite cozy spot that DIDN'T make the list.

10 of the Coziest Restaurants in South Jersey

Sometimes you just want a place with low lights and warm atmosphere. These are 10 of the coziest places to hang out in South Jersey, according to a new list.

Gallery Credit: Heather DeLuca

And for those times you want to include the kiddos...

15 Kid-Friendly Places to Eat in South Jersey

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