For many people, one of the most annoying days of the year is April 1st. While pranksters and practical jokesters celebrate "April Fool's Day", some people associate those people with liars and manipulators.

No one likes people who manipulate and lie about anything. New Jersey residents have been referred to as bold and rude, but are they dishonest?  The researchers at Ask Optimo wanted to find out who are the most dishonest Americans.

The Most Dishonest States in America

Their research team gathered online search data to analyze where the most people are researching how to be successful at being dishonest.  Ask Optimo analyzed over 400 search terms that are associated with dishonesty including "how to lie", "tips on lying", and "how do I stop lying". With that search data, they measured it against each state's population size to find out who has the largest percentage of liars.

The Ask Optimo team's research show that New Jersey is in the bottom ten of Most Dishonest States in America. The Garden States' residents average 71 searches per 100,000 residents, placing New Jersey in 42nd place in the rankings.

These are the Top Ten Least Dishonest States in America:

10. Alabama
9. New Jersey
8. Arizona
7. Illinois
6. South Dakota
5. Florida
4. Ohio
3. Mississippi
2. Texas
1. California

According to the Ask Optimo research, New Jersey's neighbors in Delaware rank as the second Most Dishonest State in America.  By comparison, the state of New York lands at 34th in the Dishonest Rankings, and Pennsylvania is 39th.

Now that we know that New Jersey is one of the most Honest States in America and The Garden State is also one of the Safest Places to live in the United States, here are some more reasons why you should NOT move out of New Jersey:

Why You Should Never Move Out of New Jersey

People really like to hate one New Jersey, but the state is one the best states to live in.

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