Darkness falls across the land... 'cause Kim Petras' new mixtape is close at hand! (Well, not close—it's already here. Scary!)

The pop princess is officially the Princess of Darkness thanks to her delightfully frightful new mixtape, Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1, appropriately released October 1. Stuffed with more (ear) candy than a plastic pumpkin-shaped bucket on All Hallows' Eve, Turn Off the Light is as sweet as it is sinister, with the German singer's signature sticky hooks at the center.

Check out the full track list and listen, below:

1. "o m e n"
2. "Close Your Eyes"
3. "TRANSylvania"
4. "Turn Off The Light" feat. Elvira
5. "Tell Me It's A Nightmare"
6. "i don't wanna die"
7. "In the Next Life"
8. "Boo! Bitch!"

Inspired by Petras' love of horror movies, the 8-track release finds the artist flexing her creepy pop chops across a spooky soundscape of dark EDM and techno beats, including the mixtape's title track, which features a spoken word bridge courtesy of Elvira.

Yes, that's right: Elvira!!!

In celebration of her favorite holiday and her spine-tingling new mixtape, Petras shared her absolute favorite things about Halloween exclusively with PopCrush. Check it out:

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