Lady Gaga has been accused of ripping off Grimes in her new "Stupid Love" music video.

On Friday (February 28), the Grammy winner unveiled the visuals to her first single off her upcoming sixth studio album Chromatica, which sees her donning a bright pink futuristic outfit in a Mad Max-style setting.

It's epic and while most fans are excited about Gaga's comeback and the official start to her new era, others are calling her out for copying another artist's work. In Grimes' 2012 "Genesis" video, rapper Brooke Candy sports a similar look and some Twitter users can't look past the similarities.

Check out some fan reactions, below:

You can check out Lady Gaga and Grimes' music videos for yourself, below:

Gaga has not addressed the criticism, but her decision to wear a similar outfit as Grimes' music video might be intentional since there were rumors the two collaborated on the pop star's new album. Then on February 21, Grimes praised Gaga's new music, saying, “LG6 is very good. LG6 is a great record!" according to Rolling Stone.

As of right now, Lady Gaga's new album does not have an official release date.

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