HBO Max is officially up and running, and users have already noted the impressive (and slightly exhaustive) amount of content available on the streaming platform. HBO is owned by AT&T as a part of its WarnerMedia film and television division, which means that HBO Max features a large amount of Warner Bros. titles, including movies starring the heroes of DC Comics and all eight Harry Potter films. It's also the new home to several Studio Ghibli films, which have never been available for streaming in the US until now.

But you should know, HBO Max comes with a pretty price tag. At $15 a month, HBO Max offers more content than you can find on the HBO channel or HBO Go. Before making the switch, be aware that there are some surprising gaps in HBO Max's catalog. For example, the launching of DC Comics' own platform DC Universe has led to the absence of quite a few superhero films. Here are 10 popular movies currently not available for streaming on HBO Max.

The Most Surprising Movies Not On HBO Max

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