Though deep down we already knew that Rihanna is a wonderful human being and an all-around great person, a woman named Zara Rahim shared a story that proves just how incredible the singer really is.

On Wednesday (Jan.17), Rahim took to Twitter to recount the unforgettable time she and RiRi used a public bathroom together—and guys, it's what dreams are made of.

She revealed that Rihanna not only waited in line like everyone else, but she also made small talk AND made a joke to a woman who came out of the stall she was waiting for.

"She was waiting for a stall to open up and I’ll never forget the woman who opened the stall door and her mouth dropped. Rihanna was standing there," Rahim explained. "Rihanna, without skipping a beat, looking directly at this very shocked woman, in her extremely Rihanna way, says “I hope you didn’t take a shit girl!!!!!”

LOL! But that's not all. After Rihanna was done doing her business, she came out of the stall, washed up, and then moisturized her hands with lotion. "The dispenser was malfunctioning because it realized it was in the presence of Rihanna," Rahim continued. "She had too much lotion on her hands. She said 'Give my your hands. You’re ashy sis!!!!” She rubbed her beautiful, tattooed, perfectly manicured hands on my hands."

Then, in a flash she was gone, leaving this woman with the best memory ever.

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