Breast milk is chock-full of fats and is said to have healing properties, making it an ideal base for natural soap. However, one mom with a limited milk supply is being slammed by her newly-pregnant sister for not wanting to share her breast milk to make soap for the sibling's unborn child.

Taking to Reddit to share her story, the 31-year-old mother of two explained she spends 80 minutes a day pumping, which leaves her feeling "like a cow."

To make matters worse, she is experiencing nursing aversion, which, simply put, is when a flood of negative hormones and feelings are triggered from pumping, leaving her feeling exhausted and angry.

Unfortunately, her sister doesn't understand her anguish.

"She is busy prepping for the pregnancy that she's been dreaming about for years," the woman shared in her Reddit post.

"About a week ago, she asked me for some of my breast milk to make soap for her unborn baby. She read something about caring for sensitive newborn skin and is worried her daughter will inherit her own skin issues (nothing medical, just very sensitive)," she continued.

The sister wants 12 ounces of milk. "For those who don't know, that's so much breast milk. Like, two entire meals for my son," the mom explained, adding a 12-ounce donation would take her "two entire pumping sessions to produce."

Describing herself as someone who "dislikes confrontation," she opted to wait a few days before responding to her sister to inform her she isn't willing to give her breast milk away.

Although she explained she needs it to feed her own child, her sister is now "furious" and has made the decision a family affair by complaining to their mom that she is being "selfish and un-supportive in her miracle pregnancy."

Reddit users are on her side, with many reassuring her in the comments that she is making the right decision and confirming the sister's request as unfair.

"If she wants to make soap from milk, your sister can buy some milk from a health food store. Or she can buy specialty soap. You are not a cow," one user wrote.

"It might be her miracle baby, but you need to feed your baby. If she's so concerned and wants breast milk soap, she can either buy it ready-made or buy the breast milk and make it herself," another offered.

"I get she's waited a long time for her daughter, but she's asking you to put her child before your own already, and she's not born yet," a third user chimed in, adding, "Don't feel bad. Your mental health, especially with nursing aversion, is more important than her baby's soap."

The U.S. is currently experiencing a formula shortage, with more than 40 percent of formulas now out of stock on grocery store shelves.

This week, President Biden announced that the federal government has plans to work with manufacturers to increase formula production to help families with babies. However, pediatricians and child experts predict the current shortage will not be resolved anytime soon.

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