Is it worth ending a relationship if someone isn’t getting the necessary shut-eye they require due to a partner’s sleeping habits?

A recent study conducted by OnePoll in partnership with Natrol revealed 78 percent of Americans believe sleep compatibility with a partner is essential, while 40 percent of Americans have actually ended a relationship due to a partner’s poor sleeping patterns.

The survey also found that the top snooze setback most couples face is snoring.

Apparently, there's only so much snore-soured sleep a person can handle.

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The average person will only put up with one and a half hours of their partner’s snoring before asking them to sleep on the couch, or leaving themselves. While 70 percent are likely to ask their partner to move, 67 percent usually opt to change locations for a good night’s rest.

Meanwhile, 56 percent of people who sleep next to a partner who snores say that they would rather sleep alone.

But snoring isn't the only relationship killer.

Other bedroom habits that can make or break a romance include sleeping with a partner who takes up too much space in the bed; sleeping with a cover thief; being a light sleeper; and sleeping with pets.

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