Streetwear company Rose In Good Faith is turning defective sex toys into fashionable footwear.

Rose In Good Faith has partnered with adult toy company Doc Johnson to deliver a sustainable footwear option created from new, discarded sex toys.

Created using recycled, unused sex toys, the brand's Plastic Soul shoe is comprised of approximately 15 percent sex toys and 85 percent non-bleach EVA — all materials that are difficult to recycle.

The marketing hype around Plastic Soul may not have the same brand awareness as the likes of Yeezy, Nike or Adidas. However, both the Los Angeles-based shoe company and Doc Johnson are very proud of their collaborative creation.

"Personally, I love shoes. So it was a cool product, a really interesting way to get Doc Johnson on board with something that I would never ever do," Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman said, according to HuffPost.

According to Rose In Good Faith co-founder David Teitelbaum, who has worked with Ed Hardy, Lil Peep and Juice WRLD, the shoe concept helps "promote sex positivity through fashion and innovation."

"We're hitting an interesting narrative. I think there's a deeper connection," Teitelbaum continued, sharing "something like 28 percent of the sales are going to women."

Plastic Soul shoes were first introduced in July. They sold out online in seconds. However, sneakerheads can rejoice once again as stock has been replenished. The slip-on shoes cost $130.

Though currently only available in black and white, the company says more color options are on the way.

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