Healthy Fall-Festive Cinnamon Butternut Protein Shake Recipe
Instead of adding your regular smoothie mix of bananas, strawberries, plant protein, and non-dairy milk, switch up your go-to smoothie with this festive blend. This creamy butternut squash protein shake is the perfect nutritious breakfast containing whole foods like butternut and cauliflower, and the shake takes on the autumnal notes of cinnamon, dates, and is topped with optional crunchy granola
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Protein-Packed Scrambled Tacos
Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow and we have you prepared for breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. Make these tacos tonight and pop them in the microwave to have them ready on the table for the holiday in the morning. Tacos are a crowd-pleaser because they're filling, easy to make vegan, and usually healthy...