The following post contains SPOILERS for The Batman. Proceed with the caution of a man dressed as a bat entering the apartment of a murderer sending him riddles.

The Batman goes to great pains to make it clear this is not a movie set in the DC Extended Universe. Batman isn’t Ben Affleck; he’s not an aging, mopey CrossFit enthusiast who brands his enemies and speaks through a weird voice distorter. He’s Robert Pattinson, a young, vaguely goth-y Bruce Wayne just two years into his career as Gotham City’s Caped Crusader. This Batman dresses in a functional suit of armor. He mostly drives around in bikes and cars he tinkers with in his lair. There are no other superheroes in sight and very few super-villains — even Selina Kyle, a woman we know is destined to be Catwoman, never goes by that name in the entire film.

Still, even though The Batman stakes out its own space in the DC Comics multiverse, it’s still full of little nods to the history of Batman and his 80-plus years of adventures. There are nods to previous Batman movies (and even the campy Adam West TV show), famous locations from DC comics, and one or two winking jokes about the film’s famous, slightly vampiric leading man. Here are all the coolest Easter eggs in The Batman you might have missed...

The Batman: The Coolest DC Easter Eggs

Did you spot these hidden DC references in Matt Reeves’ The Batman?

Even More The Batman Easter Eggs:

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