The chilling 'JOKER' movie teaser trailer has been released and there are clips of NJ featured in it.

Remember way back when, when I wrote a blog about how you could be an extra in the new 'JOKER' movie because they were filming in NJ?!

Well, guess what?!

Looks like we finally get a first peek at the actual film and it's super creepy but awesome. Not to mention it's very cool to see shots of NJ in it.

Plus, if you were lucky enough to be cast as an extra in the movie ... maybe you can catch a glimpse of yourself!

Obviously if your not familiar with the story of Joker, he's like Batman's number one enemy. In this flick instead of focusing on the hero/vigilantly, Batman ... it highlights the story of Joker and how he crept over to the dark side. found the scenes based in The Garden State  ... check them out below.

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