Let's be honest. Bucks County is one of the most popping townships in all of Pennsylvania. We have it all here. We have the excitement, the passion, the fun, and most importantly the drama. Everything you need for a reality TV show.

In the three years, I have been living here in Bucks County I have seen it all. I have seen everything from caddy fights in the Walmart parking lot to drinks being thrown at a local bar in Langhorne. I have said to myself multiple times that this place needs its own reality show.

Fun Fact. There is already a group in the township that call themselves the Real Housewives of Bucks County. They have been established since around 2011 and are a popular well-known blog site in the area. The only thing is you don't get the drama and spice with these women. According to WFMZ, they focus more on their craft which is interior design. One of the co-founders Monica Manguin is actually a popular lifestyle expert.

But this isn't the type of housewife I am talking about. Interior design is cool, but we want the drama. So I asked my listeners what town in Bucks County has all the elements to make a great reality tv show. And Yardley, Pennsylvania won by a landslide. I asked people from the Bucks County area what makes Yardley a great place to feature a reality tv show and got various answers.

"There is always something interesting going down in Yardley."

"All the crazy women live in Yardley."

"I don't like going to Yardley because there is always some drama happening there."

So what town do you think needs to get its own housewives show?


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