A woman was blasted online after sharing on Reddit that she refuses to pay for her husband's medical bills, citing that they simply don't share finances.

A 31-year-old woman and her 36-year-old husband agreed not to share their finances when they got married. Instead, they equally divide and contribute to their household expenses.

"He's pretty adamant on being respected when it comes to money, meaning I should not be asking him for money to pay for personal stuff, and the same goes for him. Save for when it's an emergency," the anonymous woman wrote on Reddit's AITA sub-forum.

Giving Reddit an example of their lifestyle, the woman shared that when she recently shopped for a dress to wear to her sister's wedding, she found a dress outside of her budget and her husband declined to cover the additional cost.

She found herself a cheaper option, and no fuss was made.

Not long after, the woman's husband was involved in a car accident and found himself lumped with medical bills he couldn't afford to cover.

"He asked if I could help him pay for the hospital bill because he didn't expect to stay longer due to his injury, but I refused. He begged, but I said no was still no," the woman wrote.

Her decision led to a fight, and ultimately the man's mother helped cover the bill, which only escalated tension in their family.

The man's mother was furious about the decision and reportedly told her that she was "devoid of empathy or any wife material."

"I was bothered by her harassment and told my husband to get her to back off, but he sided with her," the woman shared. "I had an argument with him about his double standards, where I'm expected to pay for him and him not doing the same for me like the dress incident a month ago."

"He looked at me in disbelief, called me insane and said that I was at fault for not helping him [be]cause, unlike the dress incident, this was actually an emergency, even said I stepped out of line to act this petty and vindictive," she continued, adding that she left the room "to cool off, but it lasted for days, and he's still salty about it."

Turning to Reddit for advice, the woman was met with questions about why she and her husband got married in the first place.

"Spouses help each other out, especially when it comes to injuries or something serious like this," one Reddit user commented. "The fact is you were absolutely being petty and cruel with him, and that was uncalled for. I understand your stance, but that wasn't the way to handle it."

Another user agreed, writing, "I always think that with posts like these ... Like, are you married or just roommates who sleep together? I don't think there's anything wrong with having some degree of separation in your finances, but the level of mutual spite and vindictiveness in OP's marriage is crazy."

Another Redditor took a balanced, analytical approach: "He was an a--hole for how he reacted, and his mother certainly shouldn't have made those comments towards you. Both of you behaved childishly and immaturely and refused to act like adults. In marriage, you work together, and you both need to learn how to do that."

Couples arguing about finances isn't anything new.

According to Fidelity, 44 percent of married couples argue about money, and one in five say that finances are the biggest issue in their relationship.

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