Isn't it the worst when a restaurant you love closes?  I was so upset when one of my favorites, Simply Radishing in Lawrenceville, closed for business.  Here are the 5 restaurants that I miss the most:

  • Simply Radishing in the Lawrence Shopping Center - The chicken salad with grapes sandwich was soooo good.  I also loved the taco salad.  And who can forget the bread bar with different flavored butters?
  • Mikado in the Marriott at Forrestal Village - This hibachi restaurant was a hidden gem.  It was located in the Marriott (which is now a Westin).  My favorite was the fried rice.  I even had a favorite chef.  Shout out to JoJo.
  • Casa Lupida in the Mercer Mall - Before there was a Chipotle (or even an On The Border), there was Casa Lupida.  My whole meal could have consisted on chips and salsa.
  • Goodnoe's in Newtown - It's great that you can still get Goodnoe Ice Cream in Newtown, but I still miss the actual restaurant.  Goodnoe's served comfort food like burgers and grilled cheese.  And you could choose from the flavors of ice cream that were listed on the slow moving signs that continuously rotated.
  • Casino Restaurant - If you never had a "Trenton Dog" at Casino, you missed out.  The day I was introduced to it changed my life (and the day it closed, my arteries were thankful).

Here are 5 more favorites that my friends suggested:

  • Fezziwigs in Hamilton.
  • Banzai Japanese Steakhouse on Quakerbridge Road.
  • Cafe Riviera in the Neshaminy Mall.
  • The New New York Deli in Lawrenceville.
  • Kahunaville in the Oxford Valley Mall.

What restaurants would you add to the list?

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