Now that every Fifth Harmony member is working on solo albums and thriving on their own, it feels like that indefinite hiatus will end up being permanent. But in an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday (Oct. 10), Ally Brooke assured that "you never know what could happen." When asked if she's leaving the door open for a reunion, she said "I would say we're all probably leaving the door open."

A Fifth Harmony reunion might be in the horizon in the future but, for now, Brooke and the rest of 5H are enjoying their chance to work on their own. In the interview with ET, the Fifth Harmony member opened up about the downside of being in such a popular group, revealing that it didn't give the members enough freedom to explore their own talents as much as they would've wished to.

"Being in a group was incredible, but so many opinions happened and so much judgement," noted the 25-year-old singer. "I kind of let the opinions overtake me and I kind of felt like I needed to step back and really be mindful of who I was and what I did. Even songwriting, it was hard to do that in a group because there are so many opinions. For a little bit, you kind of think 'I'm not good enough then.'"

In an interview with Refinery29 that came out today (Oct. 12), Brooke spoke further about how overjoyed she is to work on her own music. "I'm now able to write and sing about what I want. You just don't realize what you can do as a solo artist, and the freedom that comes with it. But now, I'm finally able to be myself."

It'll be a while until Fifth Harmony decides to reunite—if it ever actually happens. But at least Brooke and the rest of the members clearly still care deeply about fans and are open to giving them the reunion they've been asking for.

Watch Brooke's ET interview, below:

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