If you live in the Doylestown area, you're probably familiar with Sweet Pea Homemade Ice Cream on W. State Street, but you may not be familiar with Sweet Pea's ice cream food truck.

Previously, Vince & Olivia Marinelli's Sweet Pea had been serving its delicious homemade ice cream out of its 1950's refurbished "milk truck" at weddings and parties, and while that will continue, Sweet Pea has just opened a "truck stop" at 8840 Easton Rd. in Plumsteadville.


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To be fair, it's not just The Milk Truck that is parked in Plumsteadville. According to Sweet Pea's website, its two other trucks are also parked there --- the soft pretzel truck called Salt Box and the Bubbles + Blooms Cocktail Camper.

Each of these trucks deserves its own spotlight.

The Milk Truck's menu includes traditional flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, as well as some non-traditional flavors like boozy banana chocolate marshmallow, salted pecan bourbon, and strawberry jalapeno.

Meanwhile, the Salt Box menu features soft pretzel bites, stuffed pretzels, pigs in a blanket, Alabama sweet tea, and lemonade.

And last but definitely not least is Sweet Pea's Bubbles + Blooms Cocktail Camper, which serves up seasonal concoctions like a Dirty Pumpkin Spice Latte and Caramel Apple Cider Mimosas.

On the Bubbles + Blooms Cocktail Camper website, the Marinelli's say they are "a family of foodies wanting to showcase our passions while bringing the love of the food truck to our local community." Well, by the looks of these 3 food trucks, it looks like they've achieved their goal.

To find out more about Sweet Pea's new Truck Stop or booking one of the trucks for an upcoming event, click here.

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