A sweet, cold, crunchy treat is coming soon to Marlton, New Jersey

Swirl'in Ice Cream & Cereal Bar (formerly "Swirlz") is coming soon to the Evesboro Plaza Shopping Center, located at 221 East Greentree Rd in Marlton!

Swirl'in Ice Cream in Marlton, New Jersey
Credit: TikTok @swirlinicecream


We've been keeping our eye out for this place since we learned they were coming last year.

Cereal-infused ice cream!

Yes, they're an ice cream and cereal bar! They'll be offering sweet treats perfect for any time of the year, like ice cream, cookies, donuts, cereal, and cereal-infused. ice cream! And if you're a vegan - take a sigh of relief. They'll also have vegan options! 

The new spot will be joining neighboring Pancheros, Tobacco Mart, Montesini Pizza & Pasta and The Nail Box. You may remember when Dry Clean City used to occupy the space before it closed last year.

Evesboro Shopping Plaza, Marlton New Jersey
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Although they haven't posted a grand opening date yet, it's safe to assume they'll be ready fairly soon, because they're looking for employees! If you or someone you know is looking for a job, this could be it.

They recently posted job openings for potential employees aged 16 & up! Would be a great opportunity for a first job.


Honestly, cereal as a cold, sweet treat is such an underrated option. And pair that with all of their other delicious desserts? We're dying to see this place become a hit!

Will you be checking this place out when they open? We'll keep you posted!

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