If you're like me, you couldn't help but follow the story of the soccer team that got trapped in a cave in Thailand.  Thankfully, all 12 of the players and their coach were rescued and are now safe.

The story got me wondering if there were caves in New Jersey...so of course, I Googled it and this is what I found out.  According to OnlyInYourState.com, there are several caves in New Jersey, but most are on private property.  The site list 4 caves that are on public property:

>The Caves at Jenny State Forest in Great Meadows, NJ (Warren County);

>Sybil's Cave Park in Hoboken, NJ (Hudson County);

>Sterling Hill Mine in Ogdensburg, NJ (Sussex County);

>Crooked Swamp Cave in Lafayette Township, NJ (Sussex County).

On nj.gov, I found out that Crooked Swamp Cave was actually the scene of a tragedy in 1982 when a  spelunker (a person who explores caves) got trapped underground in the cave.  The site says that "rescue crews from across the nation came to assist the trapped caver, but tragically, their efforts were unsuccessful."  Tours of the cave are now  "restricted and limited."

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