Costco is one of my favorite stores to shop at! My Fiance can be a human garbage disposal and sometimes even eats 3 chicken patties in one sitting! So you can imagine that some food items are so worth buying at Costco!

Costco is known for many things, but one of them is their amazing food court! But as of yesterday, they revealed a new menu and took one very important item off the menu, their polish hot dog! In the past, Costco has offered an amazing deal that includes a hot dog and a fountain soda for just $1.50, and that deal still remains, but the actual Polish hot dog itself has been replaced by another type of hot dog.

Costco is trying to give it's shoppers a healthier food court menu and they're even adding an Acai bowl and a meatless salad, but that's not what their shoppers are talking about, they want their polish hot dog back!

The Polish Hot Dog from Costco is famous! The hashtag #SaveThePolishDog is trending on Twitter and users are hoping to catch Costco's attention!

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