Avril Lavigne shared her support for Justin Bieber after he was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight published Tuesday (April 28), the 35-year-old "Complicated" singer shared that she reached out to the 26-year-old pop star after he publicly announced his diagnosis back in January.

“I just reached out like, 'Yo, here for you if you need any advice. I can share my knowledge with you,’” she told the outlet. “He was appreciative of that, but I think it seems like he is doing well. He put out new music and he had a tour, also.”

“He is also a warrior overcoming Lyme and that was the whole inspiration behind my song, ‘Warrior,’” Lavigne added.

She shared that her songs “Warrior” and “Head Above Water” were written about her fight and were the first songs she wrote for her most recent album, Head Above Water.

”I was freshly coming out of fighting Lyme disease, so naturally that was what was on my heart,” she explained. “I love that I get to bring this out now and have it have a whole new meaning.”

The fellow Canadians have been long-time supporters of one another. According to Bieber and Ancestry.com, they’re also 12th cousins!

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